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Welcome to The Cateran Yomp 2018

Congratulations to everyone who took on the Yomp this June.  We will be back in 2019 on the 8- 9 June.

Registration is open - visit to sign up now. 

Take on the best. Take on the Yomp!

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Top Fundraisers

Bert Hope£4,551.00
Martin Graves£3,645.00
John Coffey£2,347.09
Bill Anderson£2,179.00
Kevin Tester£2,165.00
Margaret Braceland£2,155.00
Lee Crossland£2,117.35
David Glass£2,044.00
Angus Hayward£2,000.00
Barry Ince£1,775.00
Scott MacFarlane£1,745.00
Nick Dawes£1,740.00
Keith Sullivan£1,535.01
Craig Bruce£1,399.00
Kenny Boag£1,395.00
Leigh-Ann Plenderleith£1,395.00
Capt Pete Riddell£1,368.80
Damon Legg£1,330.00
Mick McDonagh£1,330.00
Smruta Shanbhag£1,282.71
Mike Hay£1,265.93
Stuart Aitken£1,225.00
Iain Stewart£1,225.00
Allan Costley£1,225.00
David Wood£1,195.00
Shirlee Baird£1,190.00
Helen Rich£1,179.00
david Carson£1,177.00
Andy ALEXANDER £1,177.00
Steve Smith£1,168.00
Gillian Bruce£1,162.00
Gordon Cooper£1,156.55
Fraser McNicol£1,150.00
Harry MacLean£1,150.00
Neil Roberts£1,147.00
Daniel Woodhouse£1,142.00
Alan Lane£1,115.00
Maxine Blackledge£1,110.00
James Taylor£1,101.00
Pete O'Sullivan£1,100.00
Colin Dunn£1,095.00
Stuart Hunter£1,091.00
Davey McKnight Harvey£1,055.88
Trevor Johnfinn£1,055.00
Nicol Smith£1,034.00
Bob Ellis£1,030.00
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