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Welcome to the Frontline Walk 2018

Walk 100km of the battlefields of the Western Front, support the soldiers of today while commemorating the soldiers of WWI

Registration for the 2018 Frontline Walk is now closed. If you are interested in taking part in the Frontline Walk 2019 please visit the website.

Please make sure that you do not have pop-ups blocked or a pop-up blocker enabled as this can stop payments going through.

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Phone: 0207 811 3960

E-mail akenyon@soldierscharity.org

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Top Fundraisers

Terry Whenham£11,228.63
Jean Peasley£6,418.18
Nicole Duncan£5,031.97
Thomas Saunders£4,489.81
Chris Byrne£4,447.53
Ridley Clayburn£4,405.30
Ian Hughes£3,760.00
Bruce Leslie£3,695.00
Jonny Peat£3,625.00
Chris Coakley£3,597.00
Paul Critchley£3,542.00
Simon Last£3,435.13
Martyn Bird£3,246.00
Jonathan Benn£3,216.26
William Carver£3,121.00
Alison Ratcliffe£3,114.00
Sean Price£3,050.00
Mark Ward£3,000.00
Clare Crouch£2,645.68
Phil Ball£2,600.00
Peter Hulme£2,355.00
Andrew Hastings£2,355.00
Danny Brady£2,311.00
Sophie Coad£2,295.00
Ann-Marie Jefferys£2,290.00
Peter Nevill£2,270.00
Ursula Griffiths£2,209.00
Sara Baines£2,206.87
Ashley Watson£2,200.00
Martin Clark-Tunnicliff£2,180.00
Martin Walker£2,172.00
Matt Moores£2,170.00
Paul Dunne£2,145.00
David Abercrombie£2,130.00
Mark Lloyd£2,090.00
Michael Walsh£2,070.00
colin freeman£2,060.00
John Little£2,057.50
Chris Grice£2,055.00
Mary Lawson-Evans£2,008.00
Martyn Leader£1,985.61
Stuart Wilkie£1,975.50
Stacey Wood£1,961.00
Sue Hanson£1,940.00
Mandy Walmsley£1,870.00
Elly Clark£1,815.40
chris Price£1,815.11
Jane Hilder£1,810.00

Top Teams

Rugby Relics£23,097.08
Country Sports Pride & Passion£11,822.21
ABF Yompers£9,259.03
The Pals£8,651.00
Lizard Squad£8,028.83
Rickshaw Ramblers£6,645.30
Walking But Learning£4,652.70
B Sqn£4,010.00
Team Grubb£4,002.66
Bears Expeditionary Force£3,940.75
Sister Act£3,840.00
Jefferys Walking Unlimited£3,795.00
Mouseketeers_Lost in France£3,775.75
Team McWhy£3,462.20
Team Roberts£3,416.43
Stacey and Jess The Fluke Skywalkers£3,341.50
Charlies Minders£3,303.00
The Frontline Walk