Welcome to Rifle Run 2019

The UK's first civilian march and shoot is back!

Register now for £49 with a fundraising target of £250.

Self funding options available

Have a team of 5 or more? Get in touch with Amy on akenyon@soldierscharity.org to see what team discounts we are currently running. 

14th April 2019

Please make sure that you do not have pop-ups blocked or a pop-up blocker enabled as this can stop payments going through. If you do not receive an automatic e-mail confirming your registration then your place is not guaranteed. If you have any issues please call the events team on 0207 811 3960.

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Call 020 7811 3960
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Top Fundraisers

Rupert Riley£1,700.00
Rachel Webster£1,000.00
Daniel Murphy£900.00
James Gray£805.00
Stephen Carter£530.91
Alexandra Ball£525.00
Jonathan Li£520.00
Jacky Carter£505.00
Matthew Saunders£465.00
Rowena Fell£455.00
Phil Boast£440.00
Timothy Westmaas£430.00
Seb MacKenzie-Wilson£430.00
Paul Robertson£420.00
Harry Christie£410.00
Matthew Hobbs£402.00
Edward Lloyd Mills£400.00
Thomas Ward£392.00
Alex Christie£375.00
Oliver Brown£355.00
Pearse Murphy£355.00
Guy Wilson£355.00
Darren Hesleton £334.00
Callum Kirton£305.00
Glyn Barnett£301.00
Miryam Adamowicz£300.00
Alexia Peel Yates£290.00
Robert King£290.00
David Teedon£290.00
Stephen Chambers£290.00
Charles Rotheram£280.00
William Davies£280.00
Clare Tector£275.00
Duncan Murray£275.00
Dan Howard£265.00
Richard Rider£250.00
Andrew Coulter£250.00
Jed Coughlan£250.00
Richard Astridge£250.00
Marcus A£245.00
Nick Barnes£225.00
Jamie Pearson£210.00
Hugh Fickling£200.00
Simon Bradley£200.00
Stella Privett£180.00
Rob Pollock£175.00
David Chalmers£155.00
Rachael Hewison£150.00
Mark Wilkinson £145.96
Lucy Towner£145.00
NOEL GURR£140.00
James Healey£135.00
Massimo Santoro£125.00
Aimi Westerman£120.00
Christopher Muspratt£115.03
Guy Bailey£115.00
Mike Goodman£115.00
George Waterfield£100.00
Jose Almeida£100.00
Steph Chanter£100.00
Mark Whitton£60.00
Tammy Sharpe£60.00
Jesse Vasquez£40.00
Stephen Calvert£40.00
Jonathan Bowler£35.00
John Kendall£30.00
Richard Morgan-Jones£30.00
Will Fox£30.00
Nicholas Higton£20.00
Karl Drewell£20.00
Richie P£10.00

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